Industrial cleaners

Cleaners are equipped with advanced ultrasonic generators with frequency sweep functions and digital threshold control, which ensures emission of maximum ultrasonic power regardless of the cleaning liquid level, temperature or the volume of elements being cleaned. This ensures uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves in the cleaning medium, reduces cavitational corrosion of ceramic piezoelectric transducers' panels.

Generator periodically retunes the carrier frequency adjusting into the resonance frequency of ceramic piezoelectric transducers thus stabilizing the emitted power. Unique character of solution applied in electronic circuits of our generators is confirmed by patents and pending patents. Advanced control circuits increase cleaning efficiency. Ultrasonic generators, heaters and pumps protect the equipment from dry running.

All heated tanks are equipped with lids and covers with heat and sound insulation. This improves operational conditions and reduces heat loss. Modern components of reputable world producers and careful manufacture guarantee long-life operating of our equipment.

For whom industrial ultrasonic cleaners are the perfect solution?


  • cleaning, degreasing and rust removing from the surface of steel details before powder painting and galvanizing,
  • interoperational cleaning, removing of chips, greases and polishing pastes,
  • cleaning of sub-assemblies of complete, precise mechanism without need to dismantle them,
  • cleaning of measuring instruments and tools,
  • cleaning of sieves and nozzles from sediments and contaminations,
  • cleaning of vulcanization moulds,
  • cleaning of automotive sub-assemblies such as heads, carburetors or injection apparatus,
  • cleaning of the guns.
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