Catalogue ultrasonic cleaners

Modern cleaning by ultrasound works fast and effective. In ultrasonic cleaning high-frequency sounds are sent through a fluid. They set up a process known as cavitation, a formation of millions of microscopically tiny bubbles, which rapidly expand and implode. Cavitation accelerates the brake-up of dirt particles and repeatedly brings the cleaning solution into active contact with surface. The ultrasonic energy removes even the most stubborn dirt from inside gaps and cavities. Cleaned items are treated mildly without mechanical damage. It results in high quality intensive cleaning.

  • piezoceramic transducer

    piezoceramic transducer

  • digital controller

    digital controller

In our cleaners we apply: 

  • effective ceramic piezoelectric transducers
  • modern generators
  •  tanks and casings made of high-grade stainless steel, strong and easy to clean
  • timer for adjustable period of operation
  • temperature regulator controlling heating process
  • drains and comfortable handles available in larger units
  • Declaration of Conformity

Optionally cleaners can be equipped with digital controller and/or piezoceramic transducer 25 kHz.

See accessories for catalogue ultrasonic cleaners.

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