Ultrasonic cleaner Sonic-33

Ultrasonic cleaner Sonic-33 is used to clean surgical instruments, in car services, in repair shops and in industrial manufacturing processes requiring a high standard of surface cleanliness. Professional performance for heavy duty use.

Tank of the cleaner is welded and made of stainless steel (AISI 316L , A4) with thickness of the sheet 2.0 mm. Hinged lid equipped with handle, thermal and acoustic insulation and seal with silicone rubber.

  • Sonic-33 analog version

    Sonic-33 analog version

  • Sonic-33 digital version

    Sonic-33 digital version

tank internal dimensions (L x W x D)550 x 300 x 250 mm
capacity42 l
ultrasonic power (peak/period)2 x 1000 W
frequency40 kHz
power of the heating1200 W
regulation of the temperature30-80°C
timer0-30 min
overall dimensions (L x W x H)675 x 480 x 355 mm
weight39 kg
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