Why you should choose our cleaner?

  • Polish manufacturer

    POLSONIC is the Polish technology company - design, production and service of our ultrasonic cleaners are located in Poland.

  • Quality and experience

    We have been producing ultrasonic cleaners for 27 years now. Our experience, careful execution of devices and the use of the most modern components of reputable world producers, provide very good quality and long life of the ultrasonic cleaners. Patents and patent applications confirm the uniqueness of the electronic solutions used in our generators. Each cleaner is tested in every production phase.

  • Technology

    Many years of cooperation with scientists of Warsaw University of Technology has resulted in modern technical solutions.

    Ultrasonic cleaners are equipped with ultra-modern power electronic ultrasonic generators with regulation extreme. It ensures maximum emission of ultrasonic power, regardless of the cleaning agent level, the bath temperature and the cleaning details amount. They do not require periodic maintence.

    Ultrasound generators, pumps and heaters are protected against dry running.

    Industrial ultrasonic cleaners have covers with thermal and acoustic isolations. This improves the working conditions of the staff and reduces heat losses.

    We design our ultrasonic devices using CAD / CAM software.

  • Personalization of order

    We are able to build the ultrasonic cleaner fulfilling all customer’s requirements.

  • Training and support

    We provide long-term service and support.

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